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"NEW! How to Use LinkedIn in a Systematic Way to Attract and Land New High-Paying Business Opportunities Consistently"

For speakers, authors, consultants, coaches, and professionals who want to discover how they can use LinkedIn to grow their business/personal brand and gain massive visiblity -- YOU are in the right place...

How many leads do you generate on LinkedIn every week? How often do you post engaging content? Do you get at least a handful of free PR and other business opportunities every month?

If you don’t have a lot of engagement on your posts, daily profile visits, contact requests, speaking enquiries, podcast interviews and bizz opportunities knocking on your door on LinkedIn, you must be doing something wrong...

..and that's ok, we all started somewhere. But let's be honest - your current efforts on LinkedIn cost you money, energy and time without any visible returns. I know how it feels. Been there. Done that. Let’s change it!

What if there was a system that took you by the hand and guided you through five game-changing steps? A blueprint, which will help you with all of the above-mentioned matters? Wouldn't that be amazing?

Turning from a passive consumer, somebody who primarily scrolls through their newsfeed, into a structured (content) creator and conversation starter is the fastest way to get the most out of LinkedIn.

I have a specific strategy to do this, and it won't take you longer than 45 minutes per day. Just think about it...less than an hour to make you stand out from 99% of your competition! And even if you will ever only get one client or project out of this, it's already worth your time!

I've personally taught this system to hundreds of my students and mentees and the results have been staggering. But at some point I realised I couldn't be there for all of my students... I needed to document the exact step-by-step system for professionals like - you, so that you know what to do to make your time spent on LinkedIn 200% more effective and attract new opportunities.

I call this system "LinkedIn’s Perfect Five." Why "LinkedIn’s Perfect Five"? Because there are five essential steps you need to follow to succeed on LinkedIn:

  • Positioning: This is the most critical and foundational element. It determines the future of your personal brand/business, your core message, your beliefs, values, UVP, and the kind of people you’ll work with. So, it’s crucial to get this step right (otherwise, you will attract the wrong audience, or no one at all because people won’t get you).
  • Content: Once you determine your business identity, it is time to build your audience. Creating valuable content is the best way to do it. But this is when it gets problematic for most people. I’ll teach you a simple formula to get started and the “secrets” of engaging, lead-generating content
  • ​Conversions: The reason why my business became successful wasn’t just because people listened to me. I also knew how to convert passive followers into leads, into potential customers. That’s right - I’m talking about inviting people to work with you. Yes, there is an “unsalesy” way to do it!
  • Network: “The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” - Robert Kiyosaki. Getting new clients is excellent, but business is also about building a legacy, a personal brand that makes an impact. Dunno how to grow your social network? I have a few tried and tested ideas for you!
  • ​PR: Did someone say “PR” and “Free” in one sentence? But I thought I had to pay thousands of dollars to be featured in articles and magazines? Well, usually, you do, but you can skip the line if you have a strong personal brand, network, and a unique formula for approaching PR people…

These and many other awesome benefits can be possible when you have a strategy you can follow, when you know what to do and why it is important to do so.

The LinkedIn’s Perfect Five guide is the exact step-by-step plan you need - click the button below and get started today!

Meet My Clients

Duncan Blaise Gillis has impressively shown how the strategic repositioning of your brand can be a game-changer. The Canada based storyteller and Pinterest (marketing) expert needed a “more formal” personal brand for LinkedIn. So, that’s what we worked on. In less than three months, Duncan 4xed his network, got more than a handful of speaking engagements from big brands and institutions, received invitations to collaborations with key influencers, got opportunities to create joined training courses with other coaches, and I also helped him sharpen his new services. 

Mariana Traxel, an online marketing gladiator, social selling expert followed my LPF blueprint and increased her social network on LinkedIn from 400 people to 3000+ connections and 4000 followers in less than nine months. Insane, isn’t it?! But her success story doesn’t end here. She also attracted 15 paying customers. What an achievement! I absolutely love it! As you can see, I love bragging about the success of my students.

Bruno Aregger, aka the Swiss Optimizer, is an excellent example of someone who applied every step of my LinkedIn’s Perfect Five model and through that received countless new, great (business) opportunities. He has been invited to various interviews, podcasts and online summits. He got more keynotes and sold more of his books. Bruno has 3x more engagement on his posts and gets better leads, as his new content and finetuned story attract the right audience. Recently he was also named one of the top 10 LinkedIn video content creators in the German speaking region, and his second book is about to be published—isn’t that amazing?

Jana Wieduwilt, a BusinessPilgrim and marketing expert, is one of my favorite client success stories I’d like to share in the context of “LinkedIn network”. When Jana started working with me, she had less than 50 connections on LinkedIn and wasn’t enthusiastic about building her audience on that platform. She knew her potential clients were using LinkedIn, but the idea of investing time and energy into yet another social media platform did not excite her much. Today, Jana has over 3400 relevant people in her network. She went all in on being herself, started to create impactful LinkedIn videos, learned how to repurpose content—and she loves using LinkedIn.


  • LinkedIn facts & stats: What is LinkedIn? What it is not. Why LinkedIn is so powerful at the moment and LinkedIn versus Facebook/Instagram
  • My LinkedIn story and various success studies of my clients. To show you that it is possible if you put in the work and have a badass of a tribe
  • My blueprint “LinkedIn’s Perfect Five”. A structured system of five elements to help you create engaging content, get free PR, generate leads, expand your network, position yourself as an expert and all of that without paying for ads
  • Questions, tasks, templates, scripts and links to (free) resources that will save you heaps of time, money and energy
  • ​Truth bombs, painful lessons learned and “mindset secrets”. Everything that you do not want but need to hear to stop sabotaging your own success


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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Checklist
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Engaging Content Cheat Sheet
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Algorithm & Other Hacks List (€97 Value)

  • ​Everyone wants to know how to hack the algorithm. We decided to share our insights with you
  • Over 7 YEARS of continuous testing summed up in one document
  • ​Our top 20 hacks also share best practices beyond the algorithm to get you more visibility

Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

At twenty-nine, at the peak of my corporate career and deep unhappiness, I quit my job and started from scratch.

During a nine-month sabbatical I changed the way I think, speak and act. I committed to design my purposeful dream life and founded Think Natalia.

My obsession is coachsulting people who left corporate to do their own thing. Building thought leadership personal brands on LinkedIn. My aim: A tribe of one million thinkers and doers to challenge, to change the status quo.

I speak globally, am German and live in Dubai.

I started as a Social Scientist, turned into a Dr. of Philosophy, a LinkedIn Marketing Unicorn, a Forbes Coaches Council Member, a LinkedIn Learning Author and Top 100 Leader in Education.

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